Monday, February 27, 2012

Revlon Colorburst Lip Butters

FINALLY!!!!  the downside to living in hawaii....getting new products last!  however i have finally got ahold of these precious puppies that everyone has been raving about.  i picked up five colors, but i am only in love with two of the ones that i purchased.  i believe i was standing at the display for about ten minutes trying to figure out which ones i wanted, in the end i settled on: pink truffle, sugar plum, raspberry pie, sugar frosting and peach parfait.  the sugar plum and the pink truffle has been my go to lip products since i bought them.  the raspberry pie is pretty but very vibrant, definitely not something i like to wear for everyday.  as for sugar frosting and peach parfait, im not too fond of them only because of the shimmer thats in them.  for some reason they feel a little gritty on my lips and thats not something i like to feel throughout the day.  my suggesstion to first purchasing these lip butters is to not get one with shimmer.  all in all i love them!!

p.s. sorry i have been MIA ive had a crazy past couple months, as my life starts getting back on track im definitely happy to start blogging again. love you all!