Friday, November 4, 2011

Emergency Car Kit

Ever have those days where you wake up and have to rush out the door without putting anything on your face or fixing your hair?  I know I do!!!  At times like those I'm happy I put an emergency stash in my car.  I'm not one to carry around a huge purse with my makeup bag to work, because it's so much easier for me to wear a hip bag while working.  In my car kit I try to keep things that won't melt, since my car is for the most part in the sun.  I have things like hairspray, moisturizer, primers (eyes & face), nail clippers, hand wipes, etc.  So for those of you ladies that work on the road a lot, or basically live in your car; I definitely recommend making an "emergency car kit" for yourself. 


  1. I need a kit for my always running late and would be nice to have a beauty kit in my car lol!

  2. glad i can be of some help ladies <3

  3. good idea Ashley. Thanks!